Lennart de GrootPaleomagnetic laboratory Fort Hoofddijk - Utrecht University


Michael Volk Detecting paleo-temperature anomalies at low-magnitude faults 2022-2025
David Cortes Fast and reliable Micromagnetic Tomography inversions 2020-2024
PhD candidates
Romy Meyer Tracing the South Atlantic Anomaly through time and space 2021-2025
Rosa de Boer Rock-magnetism by Micromagnetic Tomography 2020-2024
Frenk Out High-resolution Micromagnetic Tomography for natural samples 2020-2024
Liz van Grinsven The spatial and temporal evolution of geomagnetic anomalies 2020-2024
Martha Kosters Unravelling magnetic behaviour of igneous rocks by Micromagnetic Tomography 2019-2024
MSc students
BSc students

Former team members

Annika Greve Detecting paleo-temperature anomalies at low-magnitude faults (co-mentored with Mark Dekkers) 2019-2021
PhD candidates
Annemarieke Béguin Highs, lows, and puzzling intensity variations of the Earth’s magnetic field, Utrecht Studies in Earth Sciences 222, ISBN 978-90-6266-586-0. (Co-promotor, daily advisor) 2016-2020
Marilyn Monster Multi-method paleointensity data of the geomagnetic field during the past 500 kyrs from European volcanoes, Utrecht Studies in Earth Sciences 117, ISBN: 978-90-6266-440-5. (role as daily advisor, main supervisors Mark Dekkers and Klaudia Kuiper) 2012-2016
MSc students 665 ECTS
Romy Meyer Calibrating the paleointensity toolbox using lavas from the Tongariro volcanic complex 37.5 ECTS
Frenk Out Implementing a new inversion routine for Micromagnetic Tomography 30 ECTS
Liz van Grinsven An end-member modelling approach to pseudo-Thellier data (Guided Research) 30 ECTS
Frenk Out Impact of space weather on Dutch electricity network (Internetship at Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute) 30 ECTS
Liz van Grinsven Geometry of the Earth’s magnetic field during a reversal: combining observations with a modeled reversal 30 ECTS
Matthijs Bloem Absolute paleointensities from Pico island, Azores 15 ECTS
Janneke de Jong The inner core's influence on the Earth's magnetic field (co-supervised with Arwen Deuss) 30 ECTS
Chloë Jansen Micromagnetic tomography – analyzing a volcanic sample 45 ECTS
Elaine Sellwood Towards accurate dating of Holocene basalt sequences by feldspar OSL: a case study at Isla de Pico (Azores) (co-supervised with Benny Guralnik and Jakob Wallinga, Wageningen University) 30 ECTS
Annemarieke Béguin Micromagnetic tomography in practice. Published in GRL (2018); Annemarieke received an 'Outstanding Student Paper Award' for her presentation at AGU's Fall Meeting 2015, and an honourable mention for the 'Vliegenthartprijs', Utrecht University's annual prize for best MSc thesis. 45 ECTS
Annemarieke Béguin Complex geomagnetic behavior during the 'Levant intensity high' in the Mediterranean realm (guided research project, co-supervised with Gert de Lange) 30 ECTS
McGregor Drummond The effect of giant impactors on the magnetic field energy of an early Martian dynamo. McGregor received and an honourable mention for the 'Vliegenthartprijs', Utrecht University's annual prize for best MSc thesis (co-supervised with Cedric Thieulot) 60 ECTS
Wanita Ramcharan Archeointensities from the Hertenrits Culture, Suriname (co-supervised with Cor Langereis) 30 ECTS
Maurits Metman Reconstructing reversal frequencies: constraints on core-mantle boundary heat flow evolution. Maurits received an 'Outstanding Student Poster Award' for his presentation at EGU's General Assembly 2015 (co-supervised with Cedric Thieulot) 45 ECTS
Wanita Ramcharan Dating a medieval tile oven from the Zeedijk, Utrecht (guided research project, co-supervised with Cor Langereis) 15 ECTS
Geertje ter Maat MFM imaging of historic Hawaiian lavas reveals magnetic alteration that hampers reliable paleointensity experiments. Published in Scientific Data (2018) 55 ECTS
Roy Lagerburg Paleointensity during the Laschamp and Blake geomagnetic excursions 47.5 ECTS
Marilyn Monster Comparison of the domain-state-corrected multispecimen method with the microwave and Thellier-Thellier methods using historical lavas from La Palma, Spain. Published in PEPI (2016) 60 ECTS
BSc students 405 ECTS
Steffi Wagenaar Magnetostratigraphic dating of the Upper Cretaceous in the Netherlands 15 ECTS
Agnes Hendrickx Modelling local magnetic anomalies in volcanic terrain 15 ECTS
Kira van Helden Capturing the aftermath of a geomagnetic polarity reversal on Gran Canaria 15 ECTS
Lynn Vogel Modelling local magnetic anomalies on Mt. Etna 15 ECTS
Maartje van den Biggelaar Measuring local magnetic anomalies on Mt. Etna 15 ECTS
Annemarie Koop Inverse theory in paleomagnetism (co-supervised with Tristan van Leeuwen) 15 ECTS
Silke van Klaveren Detailed study on paleodirections of Gran Canarian Mid-Miocene lava flows covering a reversal of the Earth's magnetic field 15 ECTS
Katinka Tuinstra Relative intensities derived from a mid-Miocene record containing a reversal of the Earth’s magnetic field 15 ECTS
Ana Nap Rock-magnetic study on shield basalts from Gran Canaria containing a recorded reversal of the Earth's magnetic field 15 ECTS
Kari-Ann Marijnissen Full-vector behavior of the geomagnetic field during a mid-Miocene reversal in Gran Canaria: An absolute intensity study. 15 ECTS
Esmée van Waardenburg Progress in the IZZI-Thellier technique: a test on notorious Mt. Etna lavas 15 ECTS
Meeke van Ede The effect of the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility on the deflection of the paleomagnetic inclination in lava rock of Mt Etna (Sicily, Italy) 15 ECTS
Anna Gülcher Obtaining a high-resolution geomagnetic field intensity record for the Azores region - The IZZI-Thellier approach 15 ECTS
Liz van Grinsven Expanding the full-vector geomagnetic record for Pico island (the Azores) using the Microwave Thellier approach 15 ECTS
Flor Wassing Paleodirections of Pico Island: reconstructing the past 3000 years 15 ECTS
Laura Wiarda Full-vector geomagnetic field records from the East Eifel, Germany. Published in PEPI (2018) 15 ECTS
Jaap Langemeijer Full-vector geomagnetic field records from the East Eifel, Germany. Published in PEPI (2018) 15 ECTS
Hessel Hulsbos A multivariate calibration of pseudo-Thellier results 15 ECTS
Pim Lamberts Reliable full-vector geomagnetic records from the Mediterranean 15 ECTS
Caron Vossen Dating Volcanic Units on Terceira (Azores) with an Improved Paleomagnetic Secular Variation Curve. Published in GJI (2016) 15 ECTS
Madelon Smink New paleointensities for Terceira (Azores) using the multi-specimen method. Published in GJI (2016) 15 ECTS
Janneke de Laat Paleointensities for Terceira: high in the Holocene, low near recent geomagnetic excursions. Published in GJI (2016) 15 ECTS
Yael Engbers Obtaining paleointensities from lavas and ceramics using the microwave and MSP-DSC methods 15 ECTS
Annemarieke Béguin Optimized iso-thermal paleointensity methods provide new constraints for the 1000-BC-archeomagnetic jerk. Published in EPSL (2015) 15 ECTS
Noortje van Rijssingen On the presence of high absolute paleointensities at Gran Canaria, 1000 B.C. Published in EPSL (2015) 15 ECTS
Martha Kosters Absolute paleointensity curve for Tenerife from 4000 B.C. to 2000 A.D. based on thermal Thellier and Multispecimen experiments. Published in EPSL (2015) 15 ECTS
Maartje Struijk A time-integrated approach to paleointensity: the pseudo-Thellier method applied to igneous rocks from Tenerife. Published in EPSL (2015) 15 ECTS